All Souls Appeal Letter Intentions 2014

Dear Friend,

May the Grace and Peace of the Holy Spirit be with us forever!

All Souls' Day Remembrances of those who we have known who are no longer with us.  These include loved ones, such as spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and close friends and which have touched our lives deeply and significantly.  They also include special acquaintances such as neighbors, teachers, and members of the clergy as well as anyone who had contributed to our social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.  We think about all those special moments we shared with them.  We remember simple loving snapshots of events and cherished memories more poignantly on this All Souls’ Day. 

I am certain that most of us remember those who have passed away are in our thoughts and prayers every day. 

Entrance to the Novitiate

Our new novice, Lesly Nohemi Pérez Rocha, was accepted into the MSBT Novitiate by Sr. Joan Marie Keller, MSBT. 
Photos can be viewed here

Holy Week in Tecamac, Mexico

Sr. Olivia and Sr. Mary Kay brought several young women for a mission experience at our ST brothers' mission in Tecamac where Fr. Francisco Nuñez is pastor. This video will speak better than words of the work and the spirit they shared for this special Holy Week mission.
Link to video

Middle School Ministry is "GROWing"!

Pack your worries in a suitcase and toss them out the door! Hang on to your self-esteem or the Wolf will pop it like a balloon! Find out how rainbows, pipe cleaners, trash bags of candy teach us about how God loves us! This four-hour action-packed GROW retreat designed especially for Middle School students is gaining popularity at MSBT missions. GROW means “God Reaches Our World.” The program’s chief aim is to strengthen a sense of belonging to God and to a supportive Church community. It uses a peer ministry approach, so kids who have made a GROW retreat are recruited to serve on the team for future retreats. Currently, GROW ministry is offered at our missions in Pensacola FL, Birmingham AL, Trinita in CT, and most recently South Philadelphia. Experienced GROW Team members from Trinita made the 4-hour trip to provide a GROW retreat at St. Thomas Aquinas in Philadelphia. The retreat was an amazing success, with 35 attending and 7 youth serving on the team. The photo shows the teens and adults from Connecticut, enjoying some special Philly sights before the big event.

Salsa Night Success

Our first-ever Salsa Night was an overwhelming success! We packed St. Joseph Hall and danced the night away with good music, good food, and most importantly, good friends of all ages. It was a night to remember. Read Sr. Genevieve's report:

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