June 28

Father Judge Quote of the Day

Every breath we breathe, every step we take, every heartbeat, every, coursing blood drop, all our seeing and hearing, the food we eat, all that we possess, all that we can sense and visibly perceive are gifts of the Holy Spirit.


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Three and One

Sometimes we MSBT are called “Trinitarians.” I hate to dispute the nickname, (which can confuse us with another congregation of sisters) but it does elegantly capture our chief devotion. This month holds our two biggest feast days, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday is a really big deal for us! Which makes what we usually […]


Missionaries in Mexico

Recently, seven young adults from Philadelphia arrived in Mexico City. They came from the South Philly parish of St. Thomas Aquinas. From the moment these missionaries arrived, I noticed that they came with the desire to encounter our culture, to share their faith, and with a real desire to share their gifts. They brought only […]


Jubilee 2017

This past weekend, we had a big party! Every year, we gather at our Motherhouse to celebrate the special anniversaries of our Sisters. This year’s Jubilarians are: Celebrating 70 Years Sister Anita Marie DaCosta & Sister Aileen Doroles McGrath  Celebrating 60 Years Sister Theresa Ahern & Sister Jeanne Margaret Denny  Celebrating 50 Years Sister Sylvia […]