Bioethics on End of Life Issues

Event Details

One-Day Workshop

A one day workshop is offered on the major system of bioethics that stands in opposition to the secular-utilitarian way of approaching end of life issues and questions.  American culture has shifted in the way it manages the process of dying.  These changes affect the choices that patients and families face regarding end of life issues.

On Saturday, three health care professionals will address various issues from a Catholic perspective. The Culture of Dying – Medically and Legally: this session will examine legal issues, insurance coverage, hospital policies, medical management and personal preference.

Another session will focus on legal documents: their strengths, limitations and dangers that are designed to aid implementing end of life care.  A third session will look at Putting the Patient in the Center.  This session will cover ways to ensure that patient wishes are known and respected and provide strategies for families to deal with medical, pastoral and family issues that can arise as a patient approaches death.  The last session will pull things together and provide a panel for questions and answers.

Presenters:  Barbara Golder, MD, JD, physician and attorney will approach managing legal and ethical issues related to end of life decisions.  Her focus is practical and patient-centered.

Fr. John Raphael is a board-certified chaplain who serves in Pastoral Care at Thomas West Hospital in Nashville, TN.

Stephen Golder, MD has practiced radiation oncology for 40 years.  His understanding, empathy and practical experience help patients and families facing difficult medical problems and decisions in order to understand their choices and negotiate the system.

Fee:  $50.00 (including a $15.00 non-refundable deposit) will cover a meal, snacks and presentations.  If you plan to stay overnight, call us and we will let you know the additional fee for meals and overnight stay.

Contact: 334-855-4474