Running with Jesus

We are currently closed for all on-site events. Please check back for the status of future events as the public health emergency evolves.

We are invited to run alongside Jesus each day, trusting Him, turning our lives over to Him and listening to Him. This requires endurance and strength in our faith. As an athlete you train hard, as a Christian athlete you lean on your faith in Christ to get you through the difficult moments and to rejoice in the triumphs.

Join other Christian athletes to share and reflect together on the power Christ has had in your lives. Hear from four speakers who will share their experiences of how Christ has carried them through the tough times, helping them reach beyond their perceived limitations, and opened doors they didn’t know existed. Discussions, faith and scripture sharing, time for reflection, and a group run aim to strengthen and renew your own relationship with Jesus.

All athletes, competitive and non-competitive, professional and non-professional are invited to attend. The retreat will begin on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 10:00am Eastern Time (check-in at 9:45) and ends at 10:00am on Sunday. Participants can choose to arrive Friday night for an additional fee.

Fee: $80.00 (includes $40.00 non-refundable deposit)Runner image

Saturday night plus meals (Saturday Lunch and Supper, and Sunday Breakfast)

Additional Friday night fee: $55.00

Friday night plus meal (Saturday Breakfast)