How can a good salsa recipe build community life? Why does glitter remind me of hanging out with Sister Rose? What do colored pencils have to do with communal prayer and faith sharing? About every five years, our sisters gather together from their missions across the US, Puerto Rico and Mexico for an Assembly. An […]


Sr. Gloria’s Witness

Life as a Missionary Servant of the Most Blessed Trinity often involves entering new and different environments and cultures. As a young sister I was asked to go to San Juan Bautista Parish in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a non-territorial parish serving the Spanish speaking parishioners from a variety of countries and cultures, the majority […]



High school students were recently trained as team leaders for a new GROW program in Connecticut. GROW, which stands for “God Reaches Our World”, is a 5 hour mini-retreat program designed for middle and junior high school students. It began over 25 years ago in Pensacola, FL when Sr. Nancy Walsh, MSBT was working to […]


The Big Pin

This past Friday morning when I started my day, it was still pitch black outside. I was at our mission in Chimaluacan, Mexico, somewhat of an urban “frontier” community just outside Mexico City. I reached down to put on my MSBT pin, as I do every morning before going out to face the world. Only […]


Moving Day

Top ten reasons for becoming a Missionary Servant? I’ll hold off on listing all ten right now. But high on my personal list, back when I was discerning my vocation, was Adventure! The idea of experiencing many different cultures and missions holds great appeal to me.   But now, after many years in vows, some […]


A Sister’s Mentor

My life as a Missionary Servant has been filled with so many blessings. I have been involved in pastoral ministry with the focus on Religious Education. The ministry has been in a variety of settings from the very rural islands of Alaska to downtown Manhattan, from diocesan offices to local parishes, from north in Connecticut […]