The Big Pin

This past Friday morning when I started my day, it was still pitch black outside. I was at our mission in Chimaluacan, Mexico, somewhat of an urban “frontier” community just outside Mexico City. I reached down to put on my MSBT pin, as I do every morning before going out to face the world. Only […]


Moving Day

Top ten reasons for becoming a Missionary Servant? I’ll hold off on listing all ten right now. But high on my personal list, back when I was discerning my vocation, was Adventure! The idea of experiencing many different cultures and missions holds great appeal to me.   But now, after many years in vows, some […]


A Sister’s Mentor

My life as a Missionary Servant has been filled with so many blessings. I have been involved in pastoral ministry with the focus on Religious Education. The ministry has been in a variety of settings from the very rural islands of Alaska to downtown Manhattan, from diocesan offices to local parishes, from north in Connecticut […]


Young Adult Group Turns One

Fire of Faith, our Young Adult Group in Northeast Philadelphia, celebrates its first birthday this Summer! Inflamed with the love of the Holy Spirit, the group seeks to provide spiritual fellowship, guidance, and encouragement.


Cenacle in Heaven

We call it the “Cenacle in Heaven” and gratefully believe that our departed Sisters and Brothers of the Cenacle Family are there! One Sister in particular I would like to mention is Sister Marilyn Salamone. She died in August of 1985 after a six-year fight with breast cancer.


Week Zero

Don’t mess with success! The essentials of the Trinita Family Life Development Program continue untouched since it was started more than 40 years ago: peer group, arts and crafts, family blanket time, the pool, mass, an evening gathering. It all looks very much like it did in 1972.