Young Adult Group Turns One

Fire of Faith, our Young Adult Group in Northeast Philadelphia, celebrates its first birthday this Summer! Inflamed with the love of the Holy Spirit, the group seeks to provide spiritual fellowship, guidance, and encouragement.


Cenacle in Heaven

We call it the “Cenacle in Heaven” and gratefully believe that our departed Sisters and Brothers of the Cenacle Family are there! One Sister in particular I would like to mention is Sister Marilyn Salamone. She died in August of 1985 after a six-year fight with breast cancer.


Week Zero

Don’t mess with success! The essentials of the Trinita Family Life Development Program continue untouched since it was started more than 40 years ago: peer group, arts and crafts, family blanket time, the pool, mass, an evening gathering. It all looks very much like it did in 1972.


Celebrating the Jubilee Year

Pope Francis declared a Jubilee year of Mercy that began on December 8, 2015 and will be celebrated through November 20, 2016, the feast of Christ  the King of the Universe. The convergence of celebrating the consecrated and mission of mercy definitely relates to my life at a personal level.


Final Vows versus “FOMO”

To make a big choice, a life decision of some kind, you first have to let go of all the other choices you could have made. Is avoiding final decisions, such as career, religious life, marriage, and having children a greater tragedy than making the “wrong” decision?