Sr. Josefa Marie Cordero, MSBT


Celebrating 70 Years

Sr. Josefa Marie Cordero of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was born Maria Josefa Cordero to Amalio and Juanita E. Vera Cordero in Juana Diaz, PR on December 8, 1919. Sr. Josefa entered the MSBTs on February 11, 1950 and professed her final vows on March 25, 1955. During her 70 years as an MSBT, Sr. Josefa served in Coamo, Rio Piedras, Ponce, Cabo Rojo, Humacao, Puerto Rico as well as in Philadelphia PA. Although Sr. Josefa spent most of her ministries teaching, she is also a published author on a brief history of the Catholic Church, “Renueva tu Fe en la Iglesia.” Sr. Josefa is currently missioned to the Ministry of Prayer.