Trinita Staff


Sr. Deborah Wilson, MSBT

Sr. Deborah Wilson, MSBT is the Director of Trinita. She has been in ministry with children, youth, and young adults throughout her almost 30 years as an MSBT. She has served at Trinita since 2006, and though now residing at the Motherhouse in Philadelphia, she continues at Trinita part-time.


Ellen Arnold

Ellen Arnold is the Associate Director of Trinita. She has been a part of the Trinita team since 2005. Ellen is dedicated to keeping all of our administrative functions; from coordinating our volunteers to managing our finances, Ellen keeps everything running smoothly. Ellen is married with two adult children.


Steve DiMotta

Steve DiMotta is the Program Coordinator of Trinita. Steve has been working at Trinita part-time since 2014. He has also worked with youth and young adults in parish settings since 2002 and continues this ministry as well. Steve welcomes the opportunity to assist in any way he can to make your retreat experience amazing!