Sister Alice Margaret Graves of the Child Jesus

Mar 1 AliceMargSister Alice Margaret was born on March 1, 1929 in Brooklyn, NY to William and Alice Mary Merry Graves. Her father, William Joseph Graves, was from Massachusetts and her mother from New York City. She was baptized on March 5, 1929 at Visitation Parish in Brooklyn. She had three siblings: Regina, Carol, and John. (Her twin died young.)

Having been an active member of the MCA in Brooklyn, she came to know the community. She entered the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed on February 11, 1949 from Brooklyn, NY. As a Novice she took the name Sister Alice Margaret of the Child Jesus. She professed her first vows on August 15, 1950 and final vows on March 25, 1954.

Sister Alice Margaret had a passion for learning. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the State University of NY at Stony Brook, NY in June 1973. She received an associate of Liberal Arts Degree in Sociology from New York City Community College, a Master of Science in Pastoral Ministry and Spirituality in August 1978 from Fordham University, a Masters in Religious Studies from Fordham Graduate School of Religious Studies, and she also took occupational therapy training.

Over the years she received ongoing professional training in Clinical Pastoral Education, received training as a Certified Chaplain through USCC in 1980 and 1987. Sister had a strong desire to learn and often attended lectures and programs to feed her desire for learning. She was committed to on-going education, especially in the area of Pastoral Care.

Her ministries included parish ministry in Southington, CT; Rockford, IL; Uniontown, PA; Brooklyn, NY: (St. Theresa & Gold St.); Hampton Bay, and pastoral care agencies. She has worked primarily with the terminally ill, in pastoral care, health, and with Senior citizens. Later she was assigned to the Motherhouse for intra-community services and in 2010 she was assigned to the Ministry of Prayer.

Sister had a great love for the community, she was generous, enjoyed being in the choir, she was a driver, and always willing to help others. Her desire was to help and she took the ministry of prayer very seriously. As we know, Sister was always present for activities, such as playing cards and having conversations. Over the years she struggled with various medical issues.

Her love for the community has always been foremost. Although she struggled personally over the years, she persevered and deepened in her love for God and the community.