Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat

Written by Sr. Chris Wiltrakis. In seasons of change, the weather often turns violent. It is as if the season passing wants to hold on to existence itself, while creation is agonizing in birth pangs...

Photographer Artist

Written by Jennifer A. Sheffield. I walked into my backyard last week to scan a sunny spot for planting near a short tree. At its foot, I found a robin’s egg. It had fallen or been scavenged by blue jays...


Written by Sr. Gail Lambert. We invite you to join us in prayer to the Holy Spirit for soul healing of our wounded world and for all those directly impacted by Covid-19.

Preparing for Pentecost

Written by Carl Calderone. The Feast of Pentecost, is something else that comes to be appreciated over time and with experience.

Stained Glass Windows of the Missionary Servants

Written by Sr. Mary Anne Pierson. Today we may have neither silver nor gold, but what can we give to those begging for food, for health, for employment?


Written by Carol Whatley. May that spirit of welcome and joy shine through me and, dear sisters and brothers in Christ, through you.