Hidden Jesus

Hidden beneath the surface of a plant’s roots serve to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and roots anchor the plant in the ground to support its growth, store long-term nutrients, and aid vegetative reproduction.

The four functions of a plant’s hidden root life vividly correlate to the life of Spirituality. Growing a deeper relationship with God.

We live our Christian life by the need to be watered and feed by the Scriptures of the words of Jesus. Without taking in Christ as our nourishment, we simply cannot spiritually survive, let alone live a proper Christian life. We need to absorb spiritual nutrients every day for our moment-by-moment supply.

Being rooted in Christ, we can bear the difficulties of life experiences. We learn the unseen roots in Christ are what anchor us so we can stand firm when the winds of trouble blow all around us and enables us to even grow in His life during difficulties.

The Lord Jesus Christ plainly told us that we will be afflicted, and persecuted, because of the Faith we have in Jesus Christ but Do not Be afraid and let you roots bear much fruit.

Enjoy until next time when I will Blog about Signs of Joy, the Stars, Flowers, and the eyes of children.

Melodies of Joy,



Bio Pic(1)About the Writer:

Hello my name is Cynthia Hoover. I am now retired and currently driven by a desire to walk with others in the pursuit of a deeper relationship with God. I am actively seeking a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Spring Hill College in Mobile AL. I am a mother of seven children, grandmother of 16, great-grandmother of four. I have been married for 28 years to Samuel Hoover. We have made our home in Seale, Alabama. Our home Church is St. Joseph in Holy Trinity. In my retired days I enjoy giving my free time to volunteering at the Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat Center. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, fishing with my husband and practicing our faith with Music, Cursillo, and sharing my gifts.