Spiritual Direction at Blessed Trinity

Sister Gail Lambert, MSBT is a Spiritual Director at Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat Center. She is the Charism Resource Leader at BTSR and is available for Spiritual Direction, giving retreats, developing faith formation opportunities and outreach in the community. Sister Gail has continued providing Spiritual Direction over the phone during the pandemic and has recently begun scheduling Spiritual Direction sessions in-person with the following policy guidelines:

• Guests who have knowingly been exposed to, or lived with, someone who has had COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to in-person spiritual direction, should not attend.
• Guests who have traveled on a plane, or to current hotspots, within 14 days of in-person spiritual direction, should not attend.
• If you are 65 years or older, have serious underlying medical conditions, or are at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19, we recommend you stay at home. Please consult your healthcare provider to determine whether you have medical conditions that place you at high risk.
• Guests who contract COVID-19 within 14 days of in-person spiritual direction, should notify BTSR.
• If any employee contracts COVID-19, BTSR will inform all guests who were at BTSR within 14 days prior to the positive test.
• The enclosed porch at the end of Faith wing will be sanitized upon departure of all guests.
Upon arrival all guests will:
• Be asked to apply a face mask. Please bring your own mask.
• Receive a temperature check with a wand.
• Temperatures will be checked daily for all staff and volunteers.
• Guests, volunteers, and staff with a temperature above 100 F will be asked to leave.

Rescheduling spiritual direction:
If you choose to cancel your in-person spiritual direction appointment, you may opt to re-schedule your meeting by phone. Please contact Sr. Gail to discuss alternative options.

CLICK HERE for downloadable and printable In-Person Spiritual Direction Guest Guidelines, COVID-19.

Sr. Gail notes that in developing programs that foster spiritual growth and a missionary spirit, this ministry offers the opportunity to be a leaven of Christ’s compassion and to deepen our relationship with God by helping to connect living faith and loving action in our world today. She received a Masters’ degree in Social Work (MSW) from Boston College and Certificate in Spiritual Guidance form Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation at the Washington Theological Union. She has served as a professional social worker, campus minister, pastoral minister and spiritual guide throughout the United States and Jamaica, West Indies.


The ministry of spiritual direction is a form of “holy listening” and spiritual companionship wherein the seeker explores her/his spiritual journey with the help of a trained “director” (more of a guide or companion) and discovers God’s movement in her/his life.

There are always three individuals involved in spiritual direction: the seeker, the Holy Spirit (the true director) and the guide or companion who is a co-listener to the Spirit. The relationship between the seeker and God is the sole focus of spiritual direction. Spiritual direction does not try to fix or solve problems so much as exploring where God is in the midst of our lives as we live out our spiritual journey.

Persons seek spiritual direction at various times: when there is an experience of a deeper longing for God, when there is an important decision to make and are unsure about how best to discern the choices, at a time when our prayer life feels “stuck” or seems to run dry, at times of transition, etc.

In Spiritual Direction, a person meets with one’s director on a regular basis. This is also available for those making private retreats.

Arrangements for spiritual direction are made on an individual basis. (You choose whether to request Spiritual Direction session be provided via phone call or in-person).

Please call (334) 855-4474 or email btsr@msbt.org for more information.