2020 Missions Appeal

Stained Glass Windows of the Missionary Servants


Dear Missionary Friend,

I would like to extend my best wishes for a blessed, happy and healthy New Year.  As our founder of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, Father Thomas Judge, C.M. stated, “A New Year is being given to us.  May it be blessed with blessing upon blessing for you.  What has it in store for us?  What God wills. May this Will be praised and adored – and done!”

Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity truly seek first to glorify the Triune God.  We follow in the footsteps of the Apostles who, filled with the Holy Spirit, went forth from the Cenacle to spread everywhere the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.  Your generous gift will help the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity continue with our many vital missions.

This New Year provides us with new opportunities and ask you for your support in making our wishes a reality. Click here to donate now.

The following is a list of our goals for 2020:

At all of our Spirituality Centers, we need to expand and upgrade our internet access and purchase better IT equipment.  More and more, groups come to our centers expecting and needing to be able to go online, and we regularly struggle to provide our guests this essential resource. We need to upgrade our meeting rooms to multi-purpose rooms complete with teleconferencing equipment and modern conveniences. Not just our retreat center guests, but our sisters and staff have a growing need to conduct Council meetings, committee meetings, and even training sessions which include “remote” participants.

Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat, in Holy Trinity, Alabama, is where our founder, Fr. Thomas Augustine Judge, held Mass for a small group of lay volunteers who answered his plea for help in the Southland.  Incorporated in 1917, it became the birthplace of the Trinitarians with Mother Boniface as its first General Custodian. BTSR not only keeps Fr. Judge’s chapel on our 1200-acre site, but continues to serve people of all faiths who come to our doors. 

Recently, our Shrine Retreat has had a number of unexpected but necessary expenses. New mattresses and toilets are urgently needed in the housing area for retreatants. Another imperative need is the purchase of a Utility Vehicle. This vehicle is necessary since there are places on the property that can only be easily accessible by a UTV.  This vehicle is also necessary for emergencies. It will be used for moving the elderly and the handicapped around the property. 

Another significant necessity is the purchase and installation of new energy-efficient, well-sealed windows. The windows are urgently needed in the Main Center, the Nazareth House and Pilgrim House. This will reduce draft, moisture and mold buildup. It will also significantly reduce our energy costs. 

Mother Boniface Spirituality Center in Philadelphia welcomes many groups throughout the year for day, weekend and week-long retreats, workshops, Bible Study, youth, young adult and family ministries. New bedding and other items are needed for improvement to our retreat guest rooms. We hope to also expand our program offerings and invite well-known guest speakers to discuss a variety of important spiritual topics.

Trinita, located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Connecticut, has been a mission of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity since 1923.  At Trinita, the staff and volunteers provide a ministry to area parishes, youth groups, prayer groups, men and women groups, and unique programs such as the Family Life Development program.  Trinita desperately needs a new commercial refrigerator and freezer.  Both items are critically needed to serve our staff members, volunteers, countless children, teenagers, and families who come throughout the year. We hope to have the new refrigerator and freezer before the inner-city families arrive for our summer Family Life program.

We are extremely excited to embark on these opportunities. We ask for your support to accomplish these important goals in 2020 to spread the good news and works of Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity. Help us to remember those in need of our love, support, and guidance. Click here to make a donation. We are grateful for anything you may give. May you truly be blessed in 2020!                           

In the Trinity,

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Sister Marie, MSBT

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