Birthday Appeal


Dear Missionary Friend,

birthday-card-2018-smallEveryone has a special day once a year.  It’s always such a joy when someone remembers it!  To honor someone’s birthday shows how much you care for and value them. Click here to request your card or multiple cards, or simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

I invite you today to honor the birthday of a loved one.  When you accept this invitation, you, too, will be honored in a special way.

First, I would like to include your special intentions to be remembered in daily prayer by the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Our beautiful birthday card carries its own gift of Masses and prayers.  Click here to see a preview of the card.  Request your Birthday cards now. Once received, you will be able to enroll your loved one in our Trinity Treasury.  I will include your loved one and you to be remembered in daily prayers at our Motherhouse chapel and in special monthly Masses for one year. You can quickly enroll your loved one immediately. To enroll someone now, please click here.

I hope you will also remember to include a donation to help the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity continue our work in our important missions.  

This year is our Centennial birthday. Since 1918, the Missionary Servants under the leadership of our founders, Father Thomas Judge and Mother Boniface, have been charged to be on fire with the missionary spirit.  We are to be missionaries to those not served by others.  We are so in love with Jesus and we strive to demonstrate this love through our various deeds and missions.  From 1918 through today, our faith-filled sisters minister to spiritually abandoned Catholics who are in danger of losing their faith, especially the poor, elderly and sick.  We are involved in religious education, social services, family life development and enrichment, retreat work, and many other special programs for adults, at risk-children, and youth.  

We need your help too, and with your donation you will be an active participant with us working with the poor and most abandoned.  I know you receive many requests for help, but I hope you will look kindly on ours, because our cause is so worthy and we count on your kindness.

The Gospel tells us, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  By sharing the love of the Blessed Trinity to honor a birthday, and by supporting the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity in our vital missions, you are sowing the seeds of faith and love that will come back to you        many times over.  I look forward to receiving your intentions and remembering you in our daily prayers and monthly Masses. 

Gratefully in the Trinity,

Sister Marie Signature

Sister Marie, MSBT

P.S. Please mark Saturday, September 15, 2018 on your calendar. Our Motherhouse in Philadelphia will be having a Centennial celebration to bless our newly erected Mission Cross at promptly 1:30 on the front lawn of the Motherhouse. If you plan to attend the Blessing, please RSVP by August 31. Please call (215) 335-7550 or e-mail Please join us for this special event.  


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