2020 Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat Appeal



Dear Missionary Partners,

Sister Barbara McIntyre, MSBT
Sister Barbara McIntyre, MSBT

Your generosity to our missions is truly appreciated!  I want to introduce our spiritual home to you – Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat (BTSR), located in rural Alabama. It is the site of our first Motherhouse and our first novitiate. Fr. Judge’s chapel is here on our 1200-acre site, and we feel that founding pioneer spirit as we walk the grounds. Today, we serve people of all faiths who come to our doors.  We offer individual, group and family retreats, spiritual direction, and varied programming throughout the year.

In June, we hosted the Fishing with Jesus Family Retreat! What a beautiful time – to see families grow closer to Jesus and to each other. Wonderful memories for the retreatants and the sisters! The modest fees we charge for this and other retreats cannot by any means cover the cost of running our Center. We are called to be missionary disciples and strengthen the faith of all who are welcomed through our doors. This is possible only if supporters like you are willing to assist.

I would ask you to prayerfully consider donating to our special appeal. Our needs are many, including two very large “wish-list” items: thirty-nine new, standardized toilets ($11,700), and thirty-nine new mattresses ($31,200). Because of these and other expenses, such as new windows, I ask that you prayerfully consider becoming one of 350 new Partners in Blessing.  As a Partner in Blessing, your monthly donation will help us not only continue to offer quality programs, but also help with the maintenance of our spiritual home – our Bethlehem.

To make a donation, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here.

We will remember you and your loved ones in our prayers. We invite you to come and visit. We thank you for your continued blessings!

Thank you for being a power for good!

In the Trinity,

Sr. Barbara McIntyre, MSBT
General Custodian

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