All Souls’ Appeal

Dear Missionary Friend,

card-perpetual-400All Souls’ Day is a time for remembrances of those who we have known who are no longer with us. These include countless loved ones, such as spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and close friends who have touched our lives deeply and significantly. They also include special acquaintances such as neighbors, teachers, and members of the clergy as well as anyone who had contributed to our social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. We think about all those special moments we shared with them. We remember simple loving snapshots of events and our cherished memories with them more poignantly on this All Souls’ Day.

Our co-founder, Mother Boniface Keasey, exemplified her love of neighbor as strong as her love for God through her countless acts of kindness, charity, generosity. She gave to God physically and spiritually in helping those in need. Upon her death, Father Thomas Judge stated, “What a reward she will have for the souls she has helped, the children she has aided, the young girls she has attracted to God, the young men whom she has helped along the way to the holy priesthood. What a service she ever rendered to Church and religion and what an untiring and generous service this has been.”  The many works and countless deeds of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity continue today.

On this All Souls’ Day, we offer our prayers for all collectively. We also remember our recently deceased members of the MSBT family – Sr. Daniel Elizabeth Bloodworth, Sr. Anne Boniface Doyle, Sr. Mary Stephanie Kelleher, and Sr. Genevieve Gomez. We were naturally saddened by their departures, but we took comfort in knowing that they were most certainly welcomed into heaven with open arms. For their missionary spirit, their labors of love, and their dedicated service over the years, we know that their presence here on earth had a significant impact on the people that they faithfully served.

We use this solemn occasion to honor and remember our deceased loved ones for All Souls Day, so we are making available our beautiful and popular Trinity Treasury Perpetual Enrollment card.

The illustrated Perpetual Enrollment card contains gold foil, our beautifully photographed exquisite stained glass Motherhouse Chapel windows, the Prayer to the Holy Trinity, and our enrollment page for perpetual masses for both the living and deceased. Click here to see a preview of the card.

Our card is also perfect for special occasions such as Weddings, Tributes, Anniversaries, Graduations, as well as a solemn remembrance for the deceased

We invite you to order additional Trinity Treasury Perpetual enrollment cards free of charge. Simply click here to request more cards, or complete the form at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of your enrollments, they will be remembered perpetually in the Trinity Treasury and share in a Special Mass offered each month and be remembered daily in the Masses, Rosaries and Eucharistic Adoration at the Motherhouse Chapel and in the Prayers and Good Works of the Missionary Servants or the Most Blessed Trinity.

On All Souls’ Day, as we remember those who have died, and pray for those abandoned and poor souls today, we also remember the living. We need to remember to help and pray for those individuals who are in need, forgotten, and abandoned. We need to reach out to those who feel helpless in our community and desperately require our continued vital missionary support. We rely on your continued generosity and your own missionary spirit to support our work more than ever.

Please support the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity by perpetually enrolling your loved ones. To enroll someone now, please click here.

All Souls’ Day is a time for honoring and remembering. I personally thank you in advance for your generosity and for your own personal missionary spirit and support of our work. May God bless you always!

With deep gratitude in the Trinity,

Sr. Marie, MSBT

PS: This year, the National Day of Giving is Tuesday, November 28, 2018. Please remember to go online to on that day to help our various missions.

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