Easter Novena Masses Appeal

“May you in this holy season be as happy as you have made others, and may our Risen Savior comfort and favor you with the sweetness of His Easter peace and joy.”
– Mother Boniface, co-founder of Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity. 

Dear Missionary Friend,

Download a preview of the Easter Novena card (PDF)
Download a preview of the Easter Novena card (PDF)

This Easter, we hope you will make use of the enclosed cards to brighten a friend or family member’s day. While we continue to be socially distant and avoid gatherings, the mental health of the country is suffering. Let us remember those we wish we could visit. We take comfort, especially in this season, remembering that Jesus died so our sins would be forgiven. He assured us that we would one day find ourselves in the splendor of heaven.

For us, happiness comes from understanding God and knowing that He has a plan for our eternal joy and peace. Happiness comes from knowing and loving the Savior and living our lives by following His teachings. His message can only be shared by caring and showing love. We continue to be watchful for one another and reach out to one another. And as we do so, we radiate our Catholic faith in our own lives to the people we serve.

For the last 102 years, Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity have followed in the footsteps of the apostles, who, filled with the Holy Spirit, went forth to spread everywhere the knowledge and love of Jesus. Today we are active in missions across 11 states, Puerto Rico and Mexico, including our three retreat centers. We strive to serve and promote the preservation of the faith by developing a missionary spirit in the laity with the goal that “every Catholic be an apostle.” Wherever we are, we minister to “spiritually neglected and abandoned Catholics who are in danger of losing their faith, especially the poor.” We seek to make the Church effectively present where it is weak or misunderstood.

Your love can reach out to those who need our help and support. Please partner with us in bringing the hope and blessings of the Blessed Trinity to those most in need.

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Please use our new Easter Novena Cards to share the joy of the season with your loved ones. Click here to view a PDF preview of our new Easter Novena Card. These Easter Novena cards each bring with them a special remembrance in our SOLEMN NOVENA OF MASSES to be celebrated in the Holy Land beginning on Easter day. Click here to order our Easter Novena Cards.

Please support our missions, which are needed now more than ever, with a tax-deductible contribution you feel proud of and that your family budget can handle. Be sure to list the names you wish to include in our special remembrance and order additional cards if needed. Together we can bring a little happiness through the mail this Easter season. 

With deep gratitude in the Trinity,


Sister Marie Signature
Sister Marie, MSBT
Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity


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