Healing Enrollment Appeal

Dear Missionary Friend,

Download a preview of the Healing Enrollment Card (PDF)
Download a preview of the Healing Enrollment Card (PDF)

We welcome the season of Spring. Nature’s surging life force is all around us and spectacularly apparent in springtime. Life renews itself. God has created the seasons for a purpose and Spring offers us a time to renew and to heal. Today, without a doubt, all of us need some type of healing, whether spiritual or physical. This is our Trinity Treasury Healing Enrollment Card. Click here to view our card.

With this beautiful card you can enroll a relative or friend in need of healing and we will include them in the daily prayers and good works of the sisters and remember them in a Special Monthly Mass for an entire year. Simply enroll your loved one’s name by visiting www.msbt.org. Any donation to support the work of Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity will be most gratefully appreciated! Click here to make a gift, or simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

All names enrolled and special intentions received for the Trinity Treasury Healing Enrollment are remembered and prayed for daily by our sisters throughout our various ministries. All enrolled names as well as our benefactors like you are also remembered in a Special Monthly Mass.

I have read many letters and enrollment forms from our faithful friends, and it is obvious that the need for healing is great indeed. Many requests are for physical healing. You want prayers for someone who has cancer or who is facing surgery. Perhaps your elderly loved one is suffering from respiratory problems or from a fall. You hope and pray that they are healed.

Then there are the many prayer requests for loved ones suffering from depression, PTSD, obsessive behavior, or from addiction to drugs or alcohol. These often cause many other problems in our lives, and many times are the reason that a marriage breaks up or that children are alienated from the family.

There is also the need for spiritual healing. Many of you are heartbroken over a family member or friend who no longer attends church or receives the Sacraments, and you feel a loss in their lack of faith. Some of you wrote of how the power of prayer helped you overcome your struggles and suffering. We continue to pray for your well-being.

The list of healing requests is indeed endless – but never without hope. We have a Lord who is filled with love and compassion for us and who experienced the pain and suffering in His Passion to save us.

Your requests for healing come from the heart of your love for others. We pray together with confidence in God’s love for us that healing will be granted. Together let us petition the Blessed Trinity to hear your requests so that there will be a continued speedy response to our many needs for healing.

Our founder, Father Thomas Judge stated, “Let God’s will be ours and may we find peace and healing in His heavenly will.” In closing, Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity will continue to pray for you and your loved ones. I offer you the comfort of Jesus’ words from the Gospel of John, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, trust in God still and trust in me.”

May God’s healingforce help you and your loved ones this Spring and throughout the year.

Sharing your prayers,


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Sister Marie, MSBT

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