2019 Mother Boniface Spirituality Center Appeal

mbsc-icon-stained-glass-400x300-400x300May the Grace and Peace of the Holy Spirit be with us forever!

Your generosity to our missions is truly appreciated! I would like to tell you about our Mother Boniface Spirituality Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

We are conveniently located in the city and we are easily accessible through all means of transportation. The Center welcomes groups and individuals to our spacious and fully equipped facility for retreats, meetings, and times of renewal. In addition to hosting groups, we offer a variety of retreats, speakers, and programs that advance our own missionary goals. We have a focus on outreach to youth and young adults, children, mothers, and families, and in particular, to Hispanic Catholics who are newcomers in our country. We aim to “spread everywhere the knowledge and love of Jesus”—as Father Judge urged us—and to keep people close to the Church.

Statistics tell us that fewer than 4 out of 10 Catholics attend Mass in a given week! As our society becomes more secular and communities less connected, faith in God and religious practice are harder to hold on to. At Mother Boniface Spirituality Center, we reach out to those who are “at risk” of dropping out, and we offer retreats and programs for faithful Catholics which both enrich their own faith and equip them to bear witness to their fellow Catholics. These evangelization efforts can help to change that “4 out of 10” statistic.

We address contemporary challenges to our Catholic faith and practice by offering programs or courses that explore the Scriptures, current Church teaching, and contemporary topics in theology. These programs aim to deepen love of God and knowledge of the faith and develop a missionary spirit.

mbsc-youth-ministry-800x450Many individuals seek spiritual direction. At times they experience a deeper longing for God – at times when there is an important decision but no clear choice – at times when prayer life feels “stuck” – at times of transition or at times of a crisis of faith.

Mother Boniface Spirituality Center offers spiritual direction to help those who hunger for a deeper relationship with God. A trained director, who acts as a guide or companion, enables the seeker to discern God’s will and grow in holiness.

We are confident that seeds are sown in our Bible Studies and Student Retreats. We recognize God’s grace moving in the hearts of those attending our weekend retreats. We are blessed to hear about the many graces our participants receive, because they share their good news with us! We share that good news with you, so that you too can feel blessed. We can only do this work because of you.

The modest fees we charge, which in certain cases are reduced or waived, cannot by any means cover the expenses of running our Center. We are called to strengthen the faith in Catholics of all walks of life, and this is possible only if supporters like you are willing to invest in the Church’s future.

We know you want to help your fellow Catholics stay close to Christ and to the Church and become missionary disciples. Your donation is a special kind of investment: you are investing in the spiritual lives of Catholics who hunger for God. With so many leaving the Church today, you have a critical part to play in our evangelization efforts. We invite you to join us in this work through your gift to Mother Boniface Spirituality Center. Please send your donation in the enclosed envelope, or donate online at www.msbt.org/give. Click here to donate now. You and your loved ones are in our prayers. Please come and visit.

We thank you for your continued support!

Blessings in the Trinity,

Sr. Barbara McIntyre, MSBT
General Custodian

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