Bible Institute: Paul, the Apostle You Love to Hate!

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OpenBibleNot only in his own time, but also today, Paul is the personality and agent who can galvanize people in their opinions and reactions. His contemporaries distrusted him; his enemies pursued him. He is seen as a cantankerous, anti-woman, lone wolf type. Take time to get to know him considering his life, mission and writings. We will concentrate on his presentations in Romans 1—8. This is a BYOB course (Bring Your Own Bible).

Presenter: Fr. Gary Banks, S.T., a lover and scholar of scripture is currently working in the archives of his community, Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity. He has been active in pastoral ministry, teaching, retreat work, spiritual guidance and is ever the missionary. Fr. Gary is a graduate of the Pontifical Institute in Rome, and has pursued biblical studies at the Catholic University of America, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and St. Georgen in Germany. His studies in spiritual theology were at Gregorian University in Rome.

Fee: $180.00 (includes a $40.00 non-refundable deposit)

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