Jesus and the Promised Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel

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According to John’s Gospel, Jesus promised that the Father would send the Holy Spirit.
He made this promise during his farewell discourse and prayer at the Last Supper
(John 13:31-17), and it was fulfilled at his Cross and Resurrection (John 19:30; 20:22).
As we prepare for Pentecost, let us discover and ponder St. John’s theology of the Holy Spirit.

This evening will focus on John 16:14-33
Farewell Discourse, III: The Spirit will guide us into all truth


Sister Sara Butler, MSBT, S.T.L., Ph.D.,  has been a seminary professor of theology and is the a  consultant to  the Pontifical Council for Promoting  the New Evangelization.

This is the first session of a 5 week Bible Study during which participants will break open the Sacred Scriptures, read and reflect on the Gospel.  Sister Sara will share insight on the promises of Jesus and how we are each called into a relationship with the Holy Spirit as we prepare for Pentecost.  Free will offering.

Please register or call at least one day prior to session so adequate set up and materials can be prepared.  Thank you!

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