Oasis II: For Spiritual Directors

We are currently closed for all on-site events. Please check back for the status of future events as the public health emergency evolves.

Event Details

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The Invitation

Come aside, replenish and renew your spirit by experiencing “peace in the pines” at the Oasis at Holy Trinity. This is an enrichment opportunity for those involved in spiritual direction to grow together, pray, share wisdom, and just relax on holy ground.


The Theme: Deep Listening

Taking time aside to pay attention and notice, find the balance and listen deeply in order to respond wholeheartedly.


The Rhythm

  • Contemplative stance
  • Quiet, reflective prayer
  • Shared wisdom
  • Holy listening


Presenter/Facilitator: CeCe Balboni is a counselor and spiritual director at the Emmanuel Center at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal in Atlanta. She has been on the board and faculty at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. CeCe often uses poetry, the writing of the Saints, and Song in the retreats and meditations she leads.

Registration: Friday at 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Conclusion: Sunday at 1:00 pm

Fee: $180.00 (includes $60.00 non-refundable deposit)


“God speaks in the silence of the heart, listening in the beginning of prayer.” St. Mother Teresa

“This is my Son, my beloved, listen to Him.” Mark 9:7