Mother Boniface Spiritual Center: Spiritual Direction



The ministry of spiritual direction is a form of “holy listening” and spiritual companionship wherein the seeker explores her/his spiritual journey with the help of a trained “director” (more of a guide or companion) and discovers God’s movement in her/his life.

There are always three individuals involved in spiritual direction: the seeker, the Holy Spirit (the true director) and the guide or companion who is a co-listener to the Spirit. The relationship between the seeker and God is the sole focus of spiritual direction. Spiritual direction does not try to fix or solve problems so much as exploring where God is in the midst of our lives as we live out our spiritual journey.

Persons seek spiritual direction at various times: when there is an experience of a deeper longing for God, when there is an important decision to make and are unsure about how best to discern the choices, at a time when our prayer life feels “stuck” or seems to run dry, at times of transition, etc.

In a first meeting, you and the director will discuss your desires and hopes for direction and address any questions you may have regarding it. Typically, meetings are scheduled for one hour and usually occur once every 4-6 weeks.

You may call us at 267-350-1830 to schedule an appointment.