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Your gift to the Mother Boniface Spirituality Center helps to defray the costs associated with hosting and sponsoring retreats and programs at the facility. The generosity of the Missionary Servants has allowed this retreat center to remain open as a tangible expression of their commitment to spread the knowledge and love of Jesus.

We seek to help others, especially our supporters and guests, find the peace that only Jesus can bring, and to be a source of healing in our world. Our team works in outreach to the Hispanic community as well as in Youth and Young Adult ministry. Sr. Sara Butler continues to serve the evangelization efforts, presenting programs like Advent Bible Study, while Sr. Geraldine is available for Spiritual Direction and provides daily support to the staff.

We are so very grateful for your continued support of our mission:

The Mother Boniface Spirituality Center, an outreach of the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, offers programs and retreats to spread the knowledge and love of Jesus. As a welcoming facility that fosters prayer and community, the Center also hosts group meetings and retreats.  We seek to strengthen and encourage Catholics who are today's missionary disciples and to reach those who are e spiritually abandoned and wounded by our culture.