Private Retreats at BTSR

During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19, our main retreat center building remains closed. However, our two hermitages, Emmaus and Nazareth, are available for private, no-contact retreats.



This hermitage is a holy dwelling place, a simple but comfortable prayer cabin that enables those on retreat to escape from the burdens of everyday life to be more fully attentive to God’s presence. This cabin is nestled carefully into the woods amidst the beauty of the natural environment to ensure the quiet and solitude of each guest on retreat.

Our hermitage is named Emmaus to remind us of the journey that we are on as Christians and the awareness that Christ is with us – even when we don’t initially recognize Him. We invite Jesus to join with us in prayer as we hold each guest before the altar of God.

The Emmaus Hermitage consists of a bedroom with a single bed, bathroom, kitchen, prayer area and screened porch. It is equipped with heat as well as air-conditioning. Bedding and towels are provided.


NazarethNazareth is our second private retreat facility. It offers one bedroom with a queen size bed, kitchenette and bathroom en suite.

Reservations and Fees:

Please send us an email at or call us at (334) 855-4474 to inquire about availability and fees for either of these .

Special COVID-19 Forms:

As with all our Retreat Center Programs, fees do not cover actual expenses. Any additional offering is gratefully appreciated.