Spiritual Direction at Trinita

Have you ever consider Spiritual Direction?

During Spiritual Direction a “Director” helps spiritual “Seekers” or Directee’s to notice, to name, reflect on and respond to their experience of the Divine in everyday life, as well as in extraordinary moments of joy, loss or trauma.

Spiritual Direction is an ancient spiritual practice having roots in most religious traditions. As such, it serves and embraces people of all faiths and from all walks of life.

In a typical monthly Spiritual Direction meeting, seekers bring the stories of their journey and/ or life experiences to reflect on. Together the director and seeker look for an attend to the movement of the Divine in each seeker’s life. A Directee meets with the Director for approximately an hour. Payment is on a sliding scale between $20.00- $50.00.

Lisa Hudkins


During this challenging time Spiritual Direction is available via Zoom, FaceTime, phone call or in person with all social distancing guidelines in place.

Lisa Hudkins is a commissioned Spiritual Director. She received her training at the Spiritual Life Center in West Hartford, CT.

To schedule a meeting or to get more information please email Lisa directly at 627huds@gmail.com