Sr. Eileen McLoughlin, MSBT


Celebrating 70 Years

Sr. Eileen McLoughlin of the Blessed Sacrament was born Eileen Catherine McLoughlin to John and Elizabeth Fanning McLoughlin on July 30, 1929 in Jersey City, NJ. Sr. Eileen entered the MSBTs on August 5, 1950 and initially took the name “Sr. Ignatius Eileen.” She professed her final vows on March 25, 1955. During her 70 years as an MSBT, Sr. Eileen served in Bethany OK, Harrisburg PA, Philadelphia PA, Mobile AL, Lorain OH, Greensburg PA, Stirling NJ and Charlotte NC. Sister’s ministries include service at Catholic Social Services and Catholic Charities as a Drug/Alcohol Counselor. Sr. Eileen is currently missioned in Philadelphia and serves as a volunteer counselor to our Sisters at Wesley Enhanced Living.