Wall of Fame: Sr. Grace Mary McGuire, MSBT

1932 - 2006

GraceMaryTextPicWho was Sr. Grace Mary?

Grace Marjorie McGuire was born in Port Jefferson, NY and grew up in Brooklyn. She became involved in apostolic work with the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity during her high school years. Her older sister was already a member of the Missionary Servants at that time. In 1952, at the age of 20, Grace herself entered the community. As a Missionary Servant, Sister Grace Mary of the Sacred Heart served in social services in many of parishes and agencies.

Public Recognition

MGReporterSister’s most creative and memorable service came about in Canton Mississippi. Her stated goal was to “try to break the cycle of poverty” one family at a time. Seeing housing as a basic need, Sister Grace Mary engaged in “a new kind of moving day!” The project was called MadCAAP (Madison Countians Allied Against Poverty). Sister Grace Mary was featured in TIME magazine for her work organizing the relocation of houses. More than 70 houses were donated by individuals, churches and civic organizations. These houses were given to families living in severe poverty. Scores of volunteers helped by moving the houses, preparing the sites, doing electrical work, plumbing, painting and even gardening. Sister Grace Mary fulfilled her goal of breaking the cycle of poverty in these families! Years after Sister died, MadCAAP continues to exist, celebrating 35 years of service to the poor of Madison County.

This is what Missionary Servants do…

MadCAAPtruck… because Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity have a mission to serve the poor and abandoned. Our Founder, Father Judge, said “if there be anguish in this world and you are indifferent to it, you are not right with God.” Far from being indifferent, Sister Grace Mary entered with her whole heart into the ministry of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Sheltering the homeless in the name of Jesus Christ, she illustrated the love of neighbor by helping one family at a time! Missionary Servants engage the laity in living out their call to be apostles in their daily lives. In Madison County, hundreds of volunteers are doing just that.