Sr. Mary Elizabeth Butler, MSBT

60BethCelebrating 60 Years

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Butler of the Holy Cross was born Mary Elizabeth Butler to John and Mary George Butler on July 31, 1942 in Syracuse, NY. Sr. Beth entered the MSBTs on August 5, 1960 and initially took the name “Sr. Mary Helen.” She professed her final vows on March 25, 1968. During her 60 years as an MSBT, Sr. Beth has served in Attleboro MA, Charlotte NC, Trenton NJ, Pensacola FL, Philadelphia PA and Mobile AL. Sr. Beth has served in a wide variety of ministries including Catholic Social Services, Marriage Counseling, Parish Social Work, Vocation/Formation Coordinator, Director of Family Life, Retreat Team Member, Motherhouse Custodian and General Councilor. Sister Beth currently serves as the General Secretary on the General Council.