Sr. Rosemarie Jefferson, MSBT


Celebrating 50 Years

Sr. Rosemarie Jefferson of Jesus was born Isabella Jefferson to Edward and Ellen Marie Burge on July 4, 1949 in Philadelphia, Pa. Sister Rosemarie entered the MSBTs on September 12, 1970 and professed her final vows on March 25, 1977. During her 50 years as an MSBT, Sister Rosemarie served in Kiln MS, Hyannis MA, Beloit WS, Holy Trinity AL, Uniontown PA, Philadelphia PA, Richmond Hill NY, Newark NJ, Lansdowne PA and Manaquan NJ. Sister Rosemarie’s various ministries include teaching, Religious Education, Retreat Work, Director of Legal Counsel, Staff Attorney, Director of Religious Education, Pastoral Associate, Administrator and Program Manager of InnDwelling. Sister Rosemarie currently serves as Administrator for InnDwelling at St. Vincent de Paul Parish.