The Art of Repairs

Photographer ArtistOn Sundays at the Amish farm where I pick out vegetables, buggies and horses in the pasture block the storefront. But I am less mesmerized by the social scenery and more captivated by the laundry line. Every time I drive down the hill to shop I want to stop and watch the fabric sway. I wonder about those women who sew and mend clothes, then hang them to dry even in cold weather. I think about the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:7 that reads, “[There is a]…time to tear, and a time to mend.” Online, British artist, Molly Martin teaches Japanese practices of reworking textiles through piecing, patching, and stitching for those aspiring to a thoughtful way of life by creating and curating functional, beautiful clothing. In these times, she suggests that mending is also meditative practice. “By taking care of your clothes, you take care of yourself,” Martin writes on her website. The day I wrote this, I got in trouble at work for wearing patched pants. Luckily, God doesn’t care. Going on a retreat with Him is about leaving perfection behind. His promise is while this world values what is new, if we focus on repair we are redeemed.

This is Jennifer Sheffield’s final blog, for BTSR. She is grateful to God for this chance to communicate with its readerships of faith, during this trying time. Inspiration for this entry came from, “The Plain Choice,” by Sherry Gore.

~ Written by Jennifer A. Sheffield, Freelance Writer

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About the Writer: Jennifer A. Sheffield studied journalism at Boston University. She has her B.A. in Anthropology from Skidmore College. She has written for newspapers in Ohio, New York and Alabama, and magazines in Florida, Texas and Georgia. She discovered the Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat while writing an article and wants to share God’s presence in its natural setting with others who visit there.

Tonya_HeadshotAbout the Photographer: Tonya Evans is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA), and is finishing her certificate in Digital Photography at the Rankin Photography Center at Columbus State University as an Art History student. She loves to travel and the beauty of the natural world as well as architecture inspires her work. She strives to capture unique places like Blessed Trinity on film.