Summer Mission Service at Trinita


For Summer 2021 we will again have a week long Trinita @ Home virtual program. Stay tuned for more information to follow. Although it is not possible for us to gather in person this Summer, we look forward to returning to the regular, in person Family Life Development Program in Summer 2022.

trinita-2020-appeal-1200Trinita’s summer program (The Family Life Development Program) primarily serves inner-city and immigrant families who come for a week-long stay. Each week is structured with faith, fun and family activities. The community at Trinita is very diverse, and many of the family members are bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. A generous and fun group of volunteers is needed to assist with every aspect of this summer mission.

Missionary Cenacle Volunteers accepts applications (from men and women, young and old, single and married) to serve at this life-giving, rural mission this summer.  As with all MCV summer missions, applicants must be 18 years or older. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation arrangements and travel related costs to Trinita.  There are no other fees for participation in our program. Volunteers are provided with meals and housing during time of service.

Trinita OlympicsThere is an Orientation Week for new volunteers.  Family groups follow for 5 consecutive weeks after Orientation. New volunteers must participate in the Orientation Week, and can choose the number of weeks they can serve during family weeks. Some MCVs spend only one week with the families, some three weeks, others the whole Summer. So, new volunteers could serve anywhere between a total of 2-6 weeks, as they choose.

A select group of returning MCVs are also invited back from previous years to serve at Trinita. So there is a mix of new and returning volunteers each week of the program.

Volunteers at Trinita are people of all ages who come from all over the country. Volunteers live together in community in single-gender cabins. A group of 10-12 volunteers will be selected for each week. Come serve others, have fun and grow closer to God as a Missionary Cenacle Volunteer at Trinita!

What former volunteers are saying about Summer Mission at Trinita…

“I constantly challenged myself and I realized I have more in me than I thought. I also learned a lot about the Holy Spirit and have come closer to discovering my vocation. The presence of God in relationships was always evident. Whether it was in fostering a new one, strengthening an existing one, or repairing a broken one, the Holy Spirit was always at work within the relationships among the people at Trinita.”

“My experience at Trinita was amazing. The Trinita staff and my fellow volunteers were models of love, patience, respect, and cooperation. They quickly became a family for me and they taught me how to best serve, be with, and learn from the families each weeks.

“I could not have imagined a place so refreshing, yet so full of history and tradition, so structured yet carefree, and so busy yet so peaceful. It was this beauty that set me at ease the moment I arrived.”

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