Do I Have A Call?

Yes! As a baptized Catholic you are called by God to be in a personal relationship with Jesus. You are called by God to live as a disciple of Jesus. You are called to be in relationship with Him and His people in your daily life. You need to find out how God is leading you to live out that call. This is called discernment.

“May the Holy Spirit enlighten you to know God’s will for you and fortify you to follow it.”
–Mother Boniface, MSBT Foundress

Practical ways of discerning

Discernment requires entering a process of prayer, exploration and growth in order to
know your call or vocation.

People faithfully discern God’s will by bringing Him in the decision through:

Prayer & Sacraments: Reception of the sacraments of penance and the Eucharist, prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer to the Holy Spirit,

Silence: Being with God in silence in parts of our daily life and on periodic retreats.

Take Counsel: Talk to those who know you well and in whom you trust: parents, priest, Brother, or Sister. Get spiritual direction from someone trained to do so.

Decision: Avoid conflicting decisions (e.g., one cannot faithfully discern a call to consecrated life or priesthood while discerning married life in an exclusive dating relationship).

Visit: If it seems God is calling you to Religious life, get information on the life and the Orders you may be interested in. Visit a convent or seminary: You do not know what you are saying yes or no to unless you go and see.

Trust: Above all, trust in God’s love and care for you.

Are you thinking about religious life? 

Three questions to consider…

  • Is God central to your life?
  • Are you a generous, humble person, able to work with others?
  • Do you feel concerned about the many Catholics who are leaving the Church?


Do not be afraid, just have faith… Mark 5: 36